Junior Deployment and Release Analyst

Added: 03/04/2018

REF: IT-123

Salary: Over £40,000
Location: Manchester, Edinburgh

The Role of the Junior Release and Deployment Analyst is to be responsible for assisting the current Release Team in managing and verifying the many software changes that are made to our infrastructure and platforms, in a manner that causes minimal disruption to key business services.

This role will play an important role in handling releases of all sizes, ensuring processes and procedures are understood and followed at all times and assist in the drive to increase performance and reduce the risk to projects, operations, and associated hardware and software configuration baselines.

Your Role

  • Be part of the Service Transition team in the updating of release documentation which reflects the current plan for future deployments
  • Ensure the ITIL and Agile based processes are followed and ensure the adoption of best practices across all teams.
  • Assist in the management of all Releases including but not limited to: scheduling, risk assessment, resource co-ordination, communication and reporting.
  • Improve up-time by reducing the number of release related incidents that impact the quality or availability of production systems, reporting on the success of release and reviewing measurements of essential KPI’s.
  • To ensure that Release management processes and procedures are understood and followed at all times
  • Acquire required approvals for release, including Support acceptance into Service activities.
  • Managing all stages of deployments of both releases and small changes from creation of the Release Content Definition to deployment
  • Prior to a deployment, ensuring all pre-deployment checks are carried out
  • Undertake the tasks within the deployment process across all environments (Dev, Staging, Production).
  • Proactive management of multiple simultaneous releases
  • Maintain the release calendar to ensure clashes in deployment do not occur.

Position: Part Time

Sectors: Sales, Marketing

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