Emma McNamara


Emma founded Propel with Melina in 2001. Emma was responsible for growing the team in the early years, and recruiting for some of the very first investors in digital talent. Emma then worked as Propels Operations Director for a number of years overseeing operational functions including Marketing, HR and Finance.

Since 2016 Emma has been responsible for building Propel West, our first regional office. Setup to meet the demands of an increasing client base headquartered outside of London, Propel West supports employers that are looking to hire exceptional talent from a range of digital skill disciplines including; Marketing, Sales, Development, Strategy and Design. Emma and her team are able to offer Propel's candidate network an alternative to London based positions.

Emma brings an irrepressible enthusiasm to everything she does and is passionate about the development of the team around her. In building Propel West, Emma is growing the Propel brand outside of London and is developing a blueprint for further regional growth.

Management Team

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    Melina Jacovou

    Founder and C.E.O

    Melina’s career has spanned 25 years of experience in London’s exciting digital indust...

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    James Webb

    Managing Director

    James joined Propel in 2004 as the fourth employee. Since then James has risen to the ...

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    Emma McNamara

    Co-Founder and Director

    Emma founded Propel with Melina in 2001. Emma was responsible for growing the team in ...

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    Phil Rees


    ​ Phil joined Propel in 2014 after 5 years on the leadership team at La Fosse Associat...

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    Zoe Kendle

    Finance Director

    Zoë has been part of the team at Propel since 2012, moving into the position of Financ...

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    Thomas Chambers


    Thomas joined Propel in 2012 having already assumed key roles at a number of fast-grow...

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