Does Digital want to dump Trump?

White House

The first call came shortly after the election. Probably a one off I thought. Then a few more after the inauguration. And then a lot more over the last. And these calls were from the United States. And they wanted out.

The recruitment market is a great barometer for how the industry as a whole is doing. We can see the growth areas at a very early stage by noting the amounts of roles we have in that space and importantly, how much companies are willing to pay. On the other side, we can see when the first alarm bells for a sector are being sounded. To me it looks like we are seeing the digital industry’s reaction to Trumps first week in charge and it’s not positive.

I’m not suggesting that the entire digital industry is heading out from the West Coast or NYC but there are some significant factors in play. Take a look at Twitter posting ‘Twitter is built by immigrants of all religions. We stand for and with them, always.’ Take a look at Google warning it’s employees not travel whilst the travel issues in the US remain an in issue , take a look at Mark Zuckerberg saying that the US is ‘a nation of immigrants’ and take a look at Appnexus calling upon the President to reverse his policy on immigration. Despite Trump meeting with the major tech players and his attempts at reassuring them this is the first time we’ve seen what looks like a unified response. Some commentators have gone as afar as suggesting that the tech giants may even leave the US for Canada.

It’s at times like this we should be proud of how London opens its arms to the the tech and digital industry and how inclusive it is. Go to any industry gathering and I can guarantee you will see a mix of nationalities and religions. You will see a mix of gay and straight, male and female, black white and Asian. We welcome talent from all over the world to our great city and encourage them to make London their home.

As we head into ever more turbulent times it’s important to remember that we should uphold those values and as an industry display values of inclusivity, tolerance and respect.

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