08 Aug 2018

Propel’s Creative Snapshot: The Changing Role of Creative Talent - Wayne Deakin


To celebrate the expansion of Propel London’s Creative department, we’re talking to some of the industry’s most influential figures to discuss how the role of creativity is changing in the tech and digital sectors, how companies can make themselves more attractive to the top creative talent, and how creatives themselves should be approaching the hiring process.

Wayne Deakin joined Huge London as Executive Creative Director in March, joining from AKQA London. Prior to AKQA, he was joint executive creative director for the Engine Group.

How should creatives approach the hiring process? Is the standard CV and portfolio still the best way to show prospective employers their talents and what makes a portfolio stand out for you?

The work, the work, the work. Your work is still the main thing that most creatives are hired on. If you don’t have strong work then it’s your thinking in the shape of personal or spec work.

I would say a portfolio is more important than your CV but obviously your experience and skills need to be highlighted in the form of a resume. Avoid gimmicks please!

How are new technologies such as VR and AI affecting the way people hire creatives. Is there now more demand for specialists or should the best creatives be able to work in all mediums?

This depends on the brief really. You know that saying ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ - don’t be that person. Think about where you want to be or want to focus on and shine in a discipline. 

You don’t need to be able to do everything but instead highlight how technology has made what you do better. 

There is a battle for the best creative talent, so how can employers make themselves more appealing to attract the best?

By highlighting a clear brand ethos and purpose that people want to buy into. Then providing an environment that isn’t old school top down but with a flatter hierarchy that empowers talent to grow and shine.

Ours is a hard industry full of lots of egos - so caring about craft and people goes a long way in keeping the best talent.

What one technology will have the biggest impact on the future of design?

Voice. As screens disappear design is evolving and changing very quickly. 


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