03 Aug 2018

Propel’s Creative Snapshot: The Changing Role of Creative Talent - Nicky Bullard


To celebrate the expansion of Propel London’s Creative department, we’re talking to some of the industry’s most influential figures to discuss how the role of creativity is changing in the tech and digital sectors, how companies can make themselves more attractive to the top creative talent, and how creatives themselves should be approaching the hiring process.        

Nicky Bullard is Chairwoman and Chief Creative Officer of MRM Meteorite the first UK female creative chair of a marketing agency. With over 30 years’ experience, Bullard was previously Chief Creative Officer at LIDA.

She says her inspiration doesn’t come from the obvious places, but from her kids. “They just want to play. And are utterly fearless.” 

How should creatives approach the hiring process? Is the standard CV and portfolio still the best way to show prospective employers their talents and what makes a portfolio stand out for you?

Online portfolios don’t help! They always tend to have way too much in them in my opinion.  I prefer creatives to send me their best three to five pieces of work. Then if the work is great I’ll meet them in person. Hearing them sell their work is vital.  Maybe there’s a way of combining the two in a video format - a career case study film!

How are new technologies such as VR and AI affecting the way people hire creatives. Is there now more demand for specialists or should the best creatives be able to work in all mediums?

The best creatives definitely should be able to work in all mediums. There needs to be some knowledge of course of the mechanics of different mediums to use them effectively.  However, there can be limits. In film, for example, I don’t need creatives who understand how the camera works.  But I do need them to think about the content it’s capturing and how that will captivate the person watching it.  

There is a battle for the best creative talent, so how can employers make themselves more appealing to attract the best?

Show them you will back a great idea.  Give them the personal space to grow as creatively-rounded people.  Create a joyful creative environment.  

What one technology will have the biggest impact on the future of design?

Voice.  Brands have to think about how they sound, literally.  This will be fascinating.  


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