10 Jan 2018

Propel's next event - Media Mission 2018


The next event in our hugely successful breakfast series is Media Mission. This event will examine what digital media will look like in 2018, what will be the issues that cause most debate, what will be the new models, the new technologies and new skills required to ensure that digital media moves forward.

Let’s be very honest, the media industry gets a lot of negative press at the moment so we want this event to be a little bit different. For a start, we will have two all-woman panels. Chaired by Becca Muir of Unicorn PR and formerly of ExchangeWire, we have secured the services of Mary Keane Dawson, CEO of The TRUTH Agency, the world’s first blockchain powered media agency, Cadi Jones, Commercial Innovation Director at Clearchannel Outdoor, Leanne Caldwell of Lightspeed, Julie Langley of Results International, Emily Hanson of Iotec Global, Julie Fairclough of Groundtruth, Rakhee Jogia of Rakuten Marketing , Steph Miller of Zoopla and Charlie Johnson of Digital Element

We won’t be avoiding all the difficult issues the industry faces but instead of the looking only at the problems, we are on a mission to understand the solutions and importantly who can provide them.

As ever with Propel’s events, the demand for tickets will be huge so make sure you reserve your place as soon as possible.

The event takes place on January 18th and doors will open at 8.45 a.m with the content running between 9.00 and 10.15.

The venue is The Club at The Ivy, 9 West St London.

To apply for your free ticket then please email Please also use this email address to nominate a woman for a ticket who is not already attending.


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