02 Feb 2017

So you think you know recruiters?


​I’m 25 and I was brought up in a very small town close to Milan, Italy working on my family’s dairy farm. I then studied business administration in Italy, and moved to the UK for my Master’s at LSE. I joined the management consultancy Bain & Company after my studies, which taught me about life, business and spreadsheets! I then joined Propel Executive about 18 months ago. It has been an incredible journey so far, promoted to consultant after 4 months I have found recruitment is a fantastic way to develop an extremely useful set of skills, whatever I will decide to do next: commercial skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation, time management and people management. I am now running my own desk earning as much as I would have been at Bain, with a work life blend my former colleagues would be envious of, I am living in Clapham and working in the heart of Soho. We are all off skiing soon too!

GIO 25, Graduated from LSE

I’m Liv, I’m 23, and I grew up in Staffordshire. I graduated in 2015, from the University of Cambridge, with a degree in Theology & Philosophy. I then went on to do a post-graduate law conversion. After swiftly deciding a career in law wasn’t for me, I started to think about what to do next. Most of my friends from University had gone into corporate graduate schemes, and few were enjoying them. I wanted to work in a people-centric environment, with significant client exposure. Recruitment has allowed me to work across incredibly varied industries, and every day I am speaking to the most exciting tech start-ups out there. This is a career where you can be the maker of your own destiny; commission is uncapped, and you really do take out what you put in. So if the corporate career ladder doesn’t seem like you, and you’re prepared to work hard and build strong relationships along the way, then I would definitely recommend considering a career in recruitment.

LIV 23, Graduated from Cambridge

I’m 24, Essex born and raised and a graduate of English from Loughborough University, where I spent a year post-graduation as a sabbatical officer of the Students’ Union. My first job out of university was working as a field sales rep for a global food service company - it gave me many things from a new company car, travel expenses, higher than average basic salary but zero job satisfaction. I quit and joined Propel and I have never looked back. I was promoted to consultant after just four months and have been given boundless opportunities to develop both personally and professionally, with close attention and hands on guidance from the senior management team. What’s more, Propel is just great fun! I’m just over a year in and comfortably three years ahead of where I hoped to be: That doesn’t happen anywhere else. It all begs the question, ‘where might you be’?

LIAM 24, Graduated from Loughborough


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