We have a whole bunch of questions we have been asked about Propel, so we thought it would be easier to pop them on our website for you to flick through. If, however, we have missed something drop us a line at enquiries@propellondon.com and we'll get back to you.

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Working environment

What are Propel’s hours of work?

The working day at Propel is 09:30 to 18:00 (17:30 on a Friday).

What is the standard holiday allowance?

We offer 25 days holiday to new starters, plus we give everyone an additional day’s holiday for their birthday, so 26 days in all. The 25 day entitlement also increases by 1 day for every 3 years of service.

What hours are worked over Christmas?

Propel’s office closes over the Christmas break and employees use holiday entitlement to cover the number of days required between Christmas and New Year.

What career opportunities does Propel offer?

Propel has a structured plan for career development. Please visit the Career Advancement page for more information.

Does Propel monitor what I do?

As would be expected, Propel sets targets for their consultants to meet. These targets are agreed with you and relate to your experience, skill, market and more. Aside from this, Propel offers a grown up environment where employees are free to prove themselves. We do monitor KPI’s across the business, but these are not targeted or used as direct management tools.

What resources does Propel provide for me to do my job?

We know that a recruitment consultant has a tough job, and supplying them with everything they need is important. To that end we supply everything that we feel is required. This includes:

  • State of the art CRM system
  • Job posting and CV parsing tools
  • Up-to-date computers and software
  • On the job and classroom training
  • Access to relevant job boards
  • LinkedIn Recruiter accounts

How does Propel structure its commissions?

Our commission structure will be revealed to applicants at second interview stage. Needless to say, it is very competitive and allows for uncapped earnings.

What training can I expect?

Propel offer training through a number of different mediums. We employ a training consultant who works with management staff in classroom sessions and on the job. We also have an in-house trainer who works with all of our consultants on a regular basis – again, in class room situations and on the job.

Aside from in house training, we offer full training on all systems and tools that we use, as well as recruitment specific training courses organised by organisations such as APSCO (Propel are APSCO members).

Will I be kept up-to-date with how other teams in Propel are doing?

At Propel we are very transparent about how the business is doing, as well as the recruitment teams within it. Each Monday we start the week with a sales meeting that rounds up our previous week and keeps everyone in the know regarding goings on in the business.

Do I have to business develop as part of my role?

This will depend on your role – some consultants work a 360 desk, whereas others work as part of our Account Management remit, servicing our larger clients with roles that have been sourced through Account Managers.

We also employ a Business Development Director whose role it is to work alongside the Account Team.

Consultants who work their desk in a 360 fashion are usually working in more defined niches with a smaller pool of candidates and / or clients.

Getting a job with Propel

What skills is Propel looking for in an employee?

To see the type of attributes we look for in a person, visit the ‘Are you what we want?’ page.

How can I apply to work at Propel?

The best way to apply to work at Propel is to apply for one of our vacancies online, or contact our Operations Director, Emma.

Can I apply to Propel even if they aren’t advertising any roles?

Yes. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals. If you think you make the grade contact our Operations Director, Emma.

Can I be interviewed outside of business hours?

We do the best we can to accommodate people who want to interview with us. We understand that you might have problems making an interview during the day so will do what we can to make this easier.

About Propel

How old is Propel?

Propel first opened its doors in 2001. Visit our About Us page to find out more about us.

Who owns Propel?

Propel is privately owned by CEO, Melina Jacovou, and Operations Director, Emma McNamara.

Who are Propel’s Directors?

Propel’s Board of Directors is made up of:

  • Melina Jacovou – CEO & Co-Founder
  • Emma McNamara – Operations Director & Co-Founder
  • James Webb – Managing Director
  • Simon Church - Non-Executive Director
  • Eric Ainsworth – Non-Executive Director
  • Thomas Chambers – Non-Executive Director

Is Propel growing?

Yes, Propel is growing at present and has some great plans for the future!

What markets does Propel work in?

Propel partners with companies looking to recruit professionals within advertising, marketing and technology in a digital world. That means we cover online marketers, developers, digital account managers and much more besides. For a full run down of our team and the areas we cover, visit our Services & Sectors page.

What recruitment services do Propel offer?

Propel offer managed, contingency and executive recruitment services to all its clients. A large percentage of our clients use our contingency recruitment services for the majority of our roles, with our Executive Search service used for their senior roles.

We also offer our Executive Search Service to a large number of overseas companies looking to open up UK and European offices.

Our managed service is used by a small number of our larger clients.


What benefits are offered to staff?

Propel offers some great benefits to employees. For a full run down visit our Benefits page.

How do I win the incentive schemes?

We offer a monthly incentive to all of our consultants and the winners are based on performance over time. The way to win is by doing well!

We also offer a variety of other incentives from time to time and the rules of these are announced at our weekly sales meetings.

Can Propel help with my train season ticket?

Yes. We offer an annual loan to season ticket holders where applicable. Each case will be judged on its own merits.

Does Propel organise company and team socials?

Hell yes! We really like to have a happy work force who all get on. To that end, we make sure everyone gets social time with their colleagues.