Career advancement

Propel London has seen many of it's employees rise through the ranks over the years, and we place the career progression of our staff very highly. We realise it's very important for you to feel valued, and for consistent achievement to be recognised through promotion. Below is the structured hierarchy of the company, which shows the progression that can be achieved from Graduate level to Executive C-Level.

Propel encourages all it's staff to aim high, and provides Recruitment training for our Resourcers and Trainees, and Management Training for selected consultants who wish to become Managers in the near future. Regular meetings with Team Managers and Team Leaders focus on what you want to get out of your career at Propel and what skills you might need to develop in order to achieve this. The senior staff here are attentive, supportive and very knowledgeable about the industry, and will always be around to help anyone who needs advice to help them learn.

The great thing about developing your career in such a fluid industry is that everyone is learning consistently, no matter how senior, is constantly learning, creating an environment where everyone learns from those around them.


The role of a Resourcer is to find suitable candidates for a given role. In this position you won't deal with clients, and will usually be managed by a consultant that you support. The candidates you look for will be for the consultant’s roles. It is your job to pre-screen candidates and put suitable ones forward to the consultant who will then make a decision of whether or not to submit them to the client.

Trainee / Graduate Consultant

The Trainee or Graduate Consultant role is often on a similar level to a Resourcer position. As a Trainee or Grad, you will likely cut your teeth dealing with candidates, but will also develop the basic fundamentals of the consultative role. You will most likely working alongside a Consultant and join them on client meetings. As well as this, you will be in a concise period of training that will give you skills from training courses and programs.

Recruitment Consultant

This is the main role within recruitment. Getting here should see you with all the skills necessary to win business and deal with clients directly, as well as making decision on candidates to put forward to interview. You’ll be working to targets and KPI’s so managing your time and workload is essential, but this is when the effort you have been putting in really pays off.

Senior Consultant

So, you’ve proved your worth and are hitting targets. You want to keep your career moving and this is the next step. The role of a Senior Consultant is not massively different to that of a standard consultant, but you may see a few subtle changes. Your clients and candidates may be more senior. You may also find yourself responsible for a Trainee or a Resourcer – so now you are responsible for the success of the two!

Team Leader

As you step into management you will likely find that your focus becomes aligned to your teams performance more than your own. Some companies keep their Managers as consultants making placements whilst being responsible for the team, others give you a non-billing role and you earn commission from your team. Either way, you can expect to be managing and getting the best out of a team. As Team Leader, you will likely find yourself managing Resourcers, Trainees and Junior Consultants.

Team Manager

The most senior role before you enter the Executive Team, the Team Manager is much the same as a Team Leader, but involves leading team managers and their team, and is therefore more of an umbrella role. You will be responsible for the Team Leader's progress, as well as any consultants under them, mentoring them and helping advance their skills and career.

Executive Team

The Exec Team at Propel consists of the Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Operations Director, Commercial Director, Director of Business Development and the CEO. To reach this level you will have risen through the ranks at Propel across a significant amount of time, or have had extensive experience in senior roles. The Non-Executive Directors, Board members and Executive Assistants/PA also sit under this team.