Employee Benefits

​At Propel, we value our staff above everything and we like to see them rewarded for all the hard work that they do. We want them to want to come in to work each day and as a result we offer some great employee benefits for our staff to take advantage of.

Company iPhone

​Propel provides every employee with a fully insured business iPhone. Staff are able to combine the iPhone o2 business contract with an existing contract to use the phone for their personal lives as well as their office ones. Great for a company centered around digital, and especially useful if your personal phone is currently a Nokia 3210.

Free Breakfasts

​One of the best benefits Propel has to offer. The kitchen is kept fully stocked with cereal, bagels, muffins, toast, jams, marmalade and Nutella, alongside yoghurts, milk and orange juice delivered fresh each week. It saves the staff here a lot of time, effort and money in the mornings and it’s a great start to each day.

Friday Beer Fridge

​At Propel, we believe that after a hard week the staff deserve a drink on us. The Propel wine and beer fridge is opened from 4pm onwards on Friday afternoons to help them wind down, catch up with their colleagues and get ready for the weekend. Soft drinks are also available for the non-drinkers and the drivers!

Happy Birthday!

​Another great benefit of working at Propel - employees are given their birthday off without taking holiday allocation. When a birthday falls on a weekend they can choose to have a the Friday or Monday off instead, so whatever they get up to the evening before or on the birthday weekend, Propel never needs to know....

Company and Team Socials

​Propel believes in rewarding all the hard work its staff do throughout the year as a company and as individuals - from team leaders taking their teams out for lunch, to whole company meals at Brick Lane and Little Italy once a quarter. Propel is made up of loads of social, fun people – many of whom are friends outside the office as well as at work – and the traditional post-work drinks every Friday night are a common way of getting to know people outside their immediate teams.

Monthly Incentives

​Each month Propel takes the five top billers and the top biller from the Rookie League for an incentive day outside the office. This gives the consultants a chance to work towards a social event as well as that commission cheque! These have previously ranged from a five course meal at The Fat Duck or White Water Rafting down the Olympic course, to a two day trip to Amsterdam....

Yearly Holiday Allowance

​Propel gives each employee 25 days holiday and paid sick leave for its staff, and for every three years an individual has been with us they will have one day added to their total. As tradition, they are expected to spare a thought for us lot back in the office in rainy London and bring back some local sweets to share with us on their return!

Childcare Vouchers

​Propel offers new families, or growing families, £250 in childcare vouchers taken from their gross salary, but not taxed. This is paid directly to your childcare provider each month. A little extra can go a long way at what can be a very expensive time for new parents.

Christmas Closure

​Propel’s senior staff love holidays as much as we do and decided as a company that the office should be officially closed throughout the week of Christmas every year. So employees who find it harder to switch off during the holidays can rest safe in the knowledge that no one else will be working, and can enjoy the Queen’s Speech in peace.

The Christmas Party

​The Christmas party is long awaited by Propellers throughout December, and is the best way to end a year of hard work all round. With company awards, a dinner, dancing and a fair amount of drinking, the Christmas Party is the highlight of the year at Propel. Previous venues have included a Victorian underground bar with a tweed and lace theme and the Gaucho Steakhouse.

Travel Loans

For the long distance commuter, Propel will lend employees the money up front for a yearly travel loan. So if you can’t stand London or have wisely chosen not to pay an extortionate amount of money in rent, use the tube and dodge the tourists, then this benefit is for you.

Cycle to Work Scheme

​Propel will loan staff members up to £1000 for a bicycle and a helmet to encourage them to get off public transport and onto the roads. Every year, the company takes part in the London to Brighton charity bicycle race, so employees can see the cycle scheme as practice - as well as getting fit and healthy before that morning bagel.