The Propel Interview Process

We interview quite a few people at Propel to work with us - probably because we are a sought after employer. Having done this for some time, our interview process has evolved into something quite unique. It follows the general format of first interview, second interview and so on. However, we like to involve the people you may end up working with, not just the boss.

When you first come to meet us you'll be interviewed by Emma, our Co-Founder and Operations Director. The first interview is likely to be fairly conversational and quite light hearted. It's this way because we want to get to know the real you, rather than your interview persona. Obviously there will be questions about your skills and previous experience, but we tend to delve into that in more detail during the next interview.

At this point, there's a good chance you'll also meet one of our Team Leaders, or perhaps an experienced sales consultant (or maybe both!). This is because we like to get different opinions of you from people within our team. We are really keen to get great people who fit into our culture and personality so this twist on the interview really helps us do that.

Depending on how the first interview goes, you'll be invited back for a second. This is likely to be a more in-depth process - we'd cover things like your skills in regard to recruitment, your experience, past successes and so on. At your previous interview you may have been asked to come back with a presentation, so this would be the time for that. Again, this interview or presentation is likley to involve more people than just the boss - we would usually get team members and or team leaders in too.

Sometimes we may even go for a third interview. This depends on the role, it's seniority and who you have met so far. In some instances we may even invite you out for lunch or drinks with potential colleagues. We do this fairly often and comes under the part of the interview process designed to give us that extra feedback from others in the team.

So, if you are coming for interview, good luck and be prepared to meet a few people!

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