Rachel Smith - Executive Assistant

Hi! I'm Rach and I’m employed here at Propel as an Executive Search Assistant. It's a really varied role which not a lot of people know much about. My main focus day to day is on industry research, competitor analysis, and relationship building with UK start-ups and overseas companies expanding into the UK. I work on our retained Executive Searches, producing briefing documents and proposals for our most senior clients, and providing headhunting assistance in the searches for the consultants when needed. I am also EA to Propel's CEO, Melina, and our Commercial Director, James.

Propel has a dedicated Operations Team and being part of this team as opposed to sales is ideal for me. Other parts of my role therefore include digital marketing and events organisation, which is by far the favourite part of my job. Something I have noticed from talking to some of the consultants at Propel and other people I have met in recruitment is that we have a really extensive support team here. It surprised me that many other recruitment companies don't have dedicated marketing support or separate financial staff and I know Propel would be lost without these guys.

When I finished University in July 2012, I was interviewing as a panicky grad who didn’t quite suit London. I picked Propel because the company had such a great vibe about it – it was friendly, welcoming and made me feel valued. The people really do make the company - the balance between working hard and having fun is bang on and it makes you want to come to work in the morning (nothing to do with the fact we get free breakfast). I am so glad that the amount of successful women in the business has grown over my time here too – I think that’s really important as well.

And in regard to my career, Propel couldn't be more supportive. I have a Personal Development Plan and I meet with my boss once every 6 months to go over various career goals. I also have the chance to talk about things I want to improve about my work day to day, and where the company sees me contributing in the future. They are realistic about growth within the company and ongoing salary expectations and they offer training of all kinds to recruiters and support staff. For me that's a real bonus.