Paul Lewis - Senior Consultant

I work as part of the Media team to fill a variety of roles in Digital Performance Marketing. I also help mentor the junior members of the team and I am Charity Rep for the company. I’ve worked at Propel for 5 years and been in recruitment for 7.5 years - I love it as a career because you can pretty much write your own pay check. It’s different every day too.

When I was looking to move companies, I had 3 other offers from competitors but they were just backups if I’m honest. Propels brand and Co-founders were head and shoulders above the rest. The people are brilliant and know how to have a good time - I twerked at the Christmas party 6 hours after an operation because the atmosphere was so great – it’s that kind of fun. But they work very hard and the consultants are so good at what they do – they each know their market inside out.

As highlights from my time at Propel, I would pick being nominated for Recruitment Consultant of the year at the 2012 Mara Awards and my two favourite incentives – the Pennyhill Park Spa where we were for two days courtesy of the company, and white water rafting at the Olympic site in the pouring rain was brilliant.

Propel pay attention to your individual needs and career expectations, and provide extensive training. In the industry itself, I like the variety of people that we get to meet - they are unpretentious and hard working and this makes them very easy to work with on a day to day basis.