Sectors & Services

The digital industry is an exciting, fast paced world. New technologies and start-ups abound, waiting to be the next big thing, and huge conglomerates dominate parts of the industry. On top of that, new techniques and trends in digital marketing are constantly on the go. And then there's the non-stop aspect of amazing new creative ideas and designs. In all, it is a superb environment to work in.

Find out a little more about the specific areas we break our teams down into, as well as the services we offer.


​Media is where Propel first got started all those years ago. You could probably say that our abilities in this market are what gave us our name and enabled us to move into other areas of the digital industry and become a consultancy that covers the full niche.

This team works with a variety of organisations from start-up technology vendors to global agencies and recruit at all levels of seniority. There's a wide array of roles and specialisms within advertising and media including:

  • RTB and Programmatic buying
  • Ad Ops
  • Sales
  • Analytics
  • Planning & Buying
  • Account Management
  • Display
  • Video
  • Emerging technologies

Media is a fast moving and interesting industry so give us a shout if it's an area of recruitment you specialise in or would be interested in getting into.


​​Our Brand Team are the guys and girls at Propel who focus on marketing professionals working in brands that use digital skillsets as part of their marketing strategies. Some of you may recognise these people as 'in-house' or 'client side' candidates.

This team recruit at all levels of experience, from Marketing Assistants up to Board Level positions, and work across all skillsets in the field. Most commonly they include:

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Social
  • Content
  • EMail
  • Strategy / Campaign
  • ECommerce

In regard to clients, we work with some amazing brands. Recently we have made placements at companies such as Matches Fashion, EBay, Amazon and many more.


Creativity is core to the digital industry - without it we would have engaging ad campaigns, beautiful websites and copy you can read over and over again.

The creative teams remit extends to anyone within this market. It could be designers, artworkers or copy writers (the people who make things beautiful), it could be usability specialists (the people that make web design and apps intuitive) or it could be production specialists (the people who make everything happen in a timely fashion.

We work with some amazing agencies, as well as placing specialists into client side roles when they crop up. And again, we work at all levels of seniority.


Most recruiters we talk to about our technology team get it confused with IT recruitment. Whilst there are some similarities, we focus on the areas of technology that align themselves closely with the digital focus of our business.

We work with clients looking for developers that can build websites and systems. We assist them with quality assurance specialists that can monitor the progress and effectiveness of those build projects. It's all about web development, system architecture and more.

Our services

We offer our clients a full range of services that they can take advantage of depending on their requirements.

Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment is the main stay of most recruitment consultancies. The experienced recruiters out there reading this will have a solid understanding of it already, but for those of you that are newcomers, here's a little more on it.

The basics of contingency are that a recruitment consultancy and an employer agree terms that outline the responsibilities and costs of each party. Then, when the employer has a vacancy they get in touch and the recruitment consultancy works the role. If they successfully fill it, you get paid in accordance with the terms.

It's the most common form of recruitment.

Contract Recruitment

We have a separate contract recruitment team that services the main four aspects of our industry. Initially they were borne out of our technology focussed team as that is where most employers have a requirement for contractor resource. Nowadays though, they have spread their wings to cover creative, media and marketing.

Executive Recruitment

Also known as Head Hunting or Retained Search, Executive Search is a method employed by recruitment consultancies assisting their clients with senior roles.

We launched this offering in 2010 due to the success we had with large organisations in the industry that were having troubles with their senior and board level roles. Since that time we have assisted numerous UK organisations, as well as assisting overseas organisations to set up new teams in the UK.

Managed Services

​A relatively new offering from Propel, our managed services consultants are tasked with ensuring our top clients have all aspects of their recruitment requirements covered.