About us

Propel was set up in 2001 by our founders, Melina Jacovou and Emma McNamara. The intentions were simple - to build a digital focussed recruitment consultancy that offered recruitment experiences as they should be, contributed expertise and facilitated a positive change in our clients businesses.

Digital wasn’t even really an industry back then and so we were the first out of the blocks to help companies take advantage of the internet revolution and the variety of roles, tasks and challenges it presented. It was clear that there were a lack of skilled recruitment consultancies out there that knew this fledgling skill set well.

So, we set about helping companies get ‘digital’.

In the early days Propel was a small company with all hands on deck. Mel and Emma brought numerous strong relationships with them from their previous experience in recruitment and so Propel’s name soon went up in lights. We were quickly recognised as the go to business for recruitment in our field.

Over the years to come, Propel grew as result of its own success and we started to make more and more hires for internal recruits. And with the growth in digital business ever increasing, we then started to separate ourselves into teams that covered a variety of aspects within the industry. This made us a real niche expert as we were able to service many different types of client.

As our teams grew, so did our reach. After initially focussing on the media aspect of digital for the first few years, we moved out into the creative, online marketing and technology landscapes to offer a fully rounded recruitment solution to our clients.

So, today we are a company of nearly 50 people. We have our own Marketing, Finance and Operations teams and some of the best recruitment consultants in the business.

And this brings us around to what it is all about – the people that work here. We believe that looking after our employees is the most important thing we can do. So, to that end, we have a bunch of things that make Propel a great place to be.

For example, we like good music in the office. We also like making sure nobody starts the day on an empty stomach so breakfast is always on us. And we want to make sure everyone gets on well, so socials and Friday afternoon drinks are a must!

Basically, Propel are a friendly bunch of professional people who offer a great working environment. And if reading a little about us make you think working here might be for you, maybe you should give us a shout.

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