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D is for Directors


Thomas Chambers

Chairman Propel London

0207 432 6340

Thomas joined Propel in 2012 having already assumed key roles at a number of fast-growing, dynamic companies including his years spent as director at Symbian, creator of the first smartphone OS. He was attracted to our ability to remain in-touch with clients and candidates for new technology opportunities, as well as the people and culture we have here.

Propel has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, and having previously served as executive director of a fast growing public recruitment company and a director of a number of fast growing technology companies, Thomas has seen the challenges that growth brings, and is well placed to provide solutions.

As Chairman his role is to test, question and enhance strategies, as well as ensure the growth plans of Propel are managed accurately. He provides support to the executive team whilst ensuring the highest appropriate levels of governance.