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James Webb

Managing Director Propel London

0207 432 6342

One of the most talented and dedicated individuals ever to work at Propel, James has been the catalyst behind much of our present success. Having built and lead the first ever team at Propel - securing a reputation as one of the finest consultants in the industry – he has risen to the rank of Managing Director, and has been successfully extending our commercial boundaries ever since.

Initially drawn to Propel’s involvement in the then new, and rapidly growing, digital market, he has since been instrumental in assisting those businesses – our clients – which continue to redefine the boundaries of the industry itself. It is in no small part due to the relationships formed by James that Propel has been able to play such a pivotal role in the transformation of digital from niche advertising channel to ubiquitous commercial enabler within the advertising, marketing and technology sectors.

A man who genuinely loves his job, he takes particular pride in the work we continue to do with our international clients. His industrious and enterprising manner has led to the formation of partnerships with numerous businesses planning expansion into the UK from all around the world. He continues to work day to day with predominantly international clients to help them secure the senior local talent that they require to build their businesses in the UK. This responsibility comes as part of his wider role recruiting executive-level talent through our senior appointments division, Propel Executive.

He also works closely with the sales management team at Propel to ensure that we are constantly fulfilling the open requirements that our clients entrust us with. He is the first point of contact on major recruitment projects, and spends a great deal of time developing senior relationships with commercial partners and seeking out new business opportunities in our market and beyond.

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