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Emma McNamara

Director & Co Founder Propel London

07855 421 627

Emma's Jobs

As co-founder of Propel, Emma has been at the heart of the digital and recruitment industries for many years. Her vast experience in both fields has given her an excellent understanding of their changing landscapes and there are few better placed to determine which old trends are still relevant and which new ones are important. Proud of Propel’s success as both a recruiter and an employer of choice, she has been pivotal in establishing the company as a thought-leader across the technology, advertising and marketing space.

Emma now heads up Propel West, our regional office based in the Western Arc of the UK. Set up to meet the needs of of our growing client base outside of London, she uses unrivalled network and recruitment expertise to advise, support and deliver exceptional talent services to this local marketplace.

Incredibly, she also finds time to be a mum of three and, while maintain the work/life balance may seem like an impossible task, she enjoys little more than spending time with her family.

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