Our markets

Propel are an award winning recruitment consultancy supporting marketing, advertising, creative and technology employers in the digital world. We help organisations from London, the wider UK and beyond source the very best talent available to them.

Because we work across the four key areas of the industry we are well placed to assist those organisations that require singular specialists to compliment a team, those who need to build a digitally focussed department and those going through a period of digital transformation.

Digital Marketing

You know as well as us how key your marketing team is to your business and its success. And in today's climate it's more important than ever to ensure that the people employed to steer your brand or your clients' marketing have exceptional digital focus.​​​

Here at Propel we live and breath the constantly shifting skill sets and niches that the modern marketer needs to keep up with. It's our job to understand them so that we are able to judge those best to work in the vacancies we assist you with.

So, if you're an agency looking for your next Head of SEO, or a brand that needs to employ digitally focused marketers into your team, we can help.

Our network is comprised of a great variety of candidates with varying levels of experience and responsibility. We can assist with your strategic and management level roles, as well as rooting out the next whizz kid for your entry level positions.

Advertising & Media roles

We have relationships with a number of organisations working in the advertising and media world. From global agencies to the latest technology start ups we've worked across the board.

For the first few years after Propel's inception digital media was the mainstay of our business. As a result we have a number of long standing clients who rely on us as partners for sourcing the talent that drives their
business forward.

Our teams are comprised of consultants covering all the main disciplines - Account Management, Ad Ops, Planning, Buying and more, all have dedicated specialists that can assist your business. Also, because the industry moves at such a pace, we have dedicated 'emerging technology'consultants that work with organisations taking part in that area.

As with all our sectors we cover all levels of responsibility so we are as capable of placing someone on a business’s board as well as filling their entry level positions.

Creative Services

​Creativity is at the heart of the digital industry and creative agencies and organisations are always on the look out for the very best talent they can find - and it's our job to go out and find it.

To ensure we have got a top level grasp of the industry, we employ a consultant who spent 20 years in a creative role (finishing up as Creative Operations Director at a global agency). His role has been to manage the teams knowledge of the creative process and, as such, we boast an unmatched level of expertise.

It's also a responsibility of our Creative team to work closely with the Technology consultants - this is down to the increasing overlap of creativity and development in regard to frond end web design. UX professionals can easily fall into both camps.


​​​Our technology consultants are responsible for the roles within the digital industry that are technology focused. We aren't IT recruiters - we cover digital technology.

The mainstay of our technology teams are roles that relate to the development process, whether that be technologies, websites, systems or apps. We understand the difference between front and back-end developers. We know where QA's fit in and why they are important. We have an over-arching view of how the creative process relates to the development process.

In short, our knowledge of the digital industry and its relationship to technology is second to none.