Is contract work right for you?

​Is making the switch from permanent employment to contract work the best thing to do? Many contractors will tell you it is, and there are a number of benefits that come with contract work. But how do you know if you'll like it?

Life as a contractor can be exciting and it is a fantastic way to utilise your special skills to really benefit the client. Often, contractors are brought in to work on specific projects or fill a temporary skill shortage and there is the feeling that your skills are truely valued and make a difference.

Contract work offers a higher degree of flexibility in the types of roles you work and as a result you gain exposure to a whole host of companies and projects. This in turn will improve your skills, develop your industry knowledge and can ultimately accelerate your career.

Being able to settle in to your new role quickly from the off is essential as the world of contract employment is so fast-paced. You will be going on to your next role when your contract ends so it is important that you are comfortable moving from company to company. If you can adapt to different working conditions, company cultures, ways of working and tools then becoming a contractor is worth considering.

Ultimately, contract work brings with it a sense of freedom and control over your working life. A contractor can change their role quickly, pick up a wealth of industry knowledge, choose where they want to work and know the skills they are bringing with them are truly valued and worth the money they are paid.

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