A guide to contract CVs

​With contractors able to demand a premium rate for their skills, contract employment is an appealing option for those looking to make a change in the way they work. However, this can mean a saturation of the market leading to fierce competition for jobs. Add to this the desire for employers to get contractors on site quickly coupled with a shorter recruitment process and the importance of your CV making an impact becomes apparent.

So how do you make sure your CV is targeted specifically for contract work and stands out from the others out there?

Use your personal statement/ about me section to highlight the fact you are an experienced contractor or looking to start out as one. This will help to explain your short employment durations to the employer. Alongside this, writing shorter paragraphs that include information relevant to the job is vital as often contract jobs need filling quickly. Employers are more likely to engage with your CV if they don't have to wade through irrelevant information.

It is important to emphasise your contract credentials to potential employers. Demonstrate a variation of your technical skills, flexibility and ability to fit in with the team. Importantly, researching the company before hand and gaining an understanding of their company 'voice' will allow you to write your CV in a way that's in tune with the company's.

As with any CV it is important to outline your skills and qualifications. However, given the nature of contract work, it is particularly important to emphasise specific projects that are relevant to your application. You should make sure you include the length of each project, the systems you used and the overall outcome or achievement.

Alternative formats

Using LinkedIn alongside your CV can be hugely beneficial. LinkedIn research found that contractors who had a completed profile were 40% more likely to be contacted regarding relevant opportunities.

Additionally, using a personal website, social media, videos, infographics and other examples of projects you've undertaken can give your application a new dimension and lets your skills and creativity shine through. However, be careful that what you use will help not hinder your application.#

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