Our research reveals the thoughts of over 1800 digital professionals regarding how they feel about their jobs and careers as well as their remuneration perceptions. As such, the report continues to be an invaluable tool for employers and job seekers alike.

Job Satisfaction

Our research found that 63% of professionals are satisfied in their role (down slightly from 64% in 2014) and that across the sample, men were more satisfied (64%) than women (62%).

C-Level professionals are the most satisfied (68%) with juniors the least (61%), whilst professionals within the 2-5 year bracket were the least satisfied (27%). This lack of satisfaction could be linked to a lack of development opportunities, which junior and mid-Level professionals deemed the biggest driving factor on job change.

The research also found that professionals working within the creative industry were the most satisfied with their job (68%).


Engage with staff at 2-5 year period. Offer development and career enrichment opportunities as well as developing a productive and welcoming organisational culture and working environment.

Willingness to move roles

Compared with last year’s results, willingness to
move roles has decreased to 52% of individuals, down from 59%. This was fairly consistent across all levels of seniority, with 54% of junior, 53% of mid-Level, 52% of senior and 49% of C-Level professionals willing to change roles in 2015.

Unsurprisingly, 72% of individuals who felt they were underpaid were looking to change roles in 2015 compared to only 29% of professionals who considered themselves overpaid. Again, as with job satisfaction, professionals who had worked for their company for between 2-5 years were the most likely to leave their role.

Recommendations Employees need to be confident that they are fairly compensated in their roles if they are to be retained - especially those within the 2-5 year period.

Bonus Receipt

This year, 55% of the sample received some form of
bonus, up from 50% in 2014. As would be expected, those in senior roles are most likely to receive a bonus, with 71% of C-Level and 57% of senior level professionals stating they take home some form of bonus.

Those working within an agency are less likely to receive a bonus than individuals working for a tech vendor (44% compared to 72% respectively) according to our sample.

Now on its sixth edition, our Digital Salary & Industry Insights report builds on the success of last year’s and continues to be an invaluable tool for employers and job seekers alike. This year our research delves even deeper into the working lives of the professionals who drive the global digital economy. The report comprises data from over 3000 records, including a mix of survey responses and internal records, providing unrivalled insight into the lives of digital professionals.

We focus our analysis on Propel’s four key talent areas - Marketing, Commercial, Creative Services and Technical - and particular the skill sets within them, as well as the industry as a whole.

If you’re interested in finding out what’s happening within the digital economy, from salaries and bonuses to job satisfaction and factors that drive job change, our report has all you need to know.