​bob (the name always reminds me of Blackadder) is a new startup which aims to bring families together through the twin mediums of TV and USB stick.

Plugging ‘bob’ into a TV will enable family members separated by a huge distances (another continent) or small distances (another room) to connect their experiences, allowing them to, for example, watch the same film together or send messages to each other. As the video below explains, “dad” will be able to tap into whatever “son at college” is watching and converse about it, or even check up on how “granny” is getting on with her workout through the webcam on her TV.

The idea is noble enough, and it clearly works on some levels, but it’s difficult to predict how happy “son at college” would be with “dad” being able to tap into his TV at any time, and why exactly you would want to watch “granny” work out when you have 5604539 channels of dross to flick through aimlessly is beyond me.

However the idea may have some merit for certain families, and with additional benefits like Skype-esque calls and shopping capabilities perhaps it has some legs.

What do you think? Will ‘bob’ stay afloat or simply sink to the bottom? Check out the video below and let us know…