​An intimate social networking dinner where you can share experiences, ideas and contacts? That couldn’t sound any better.

Say hello to Table Crowd! Founded by Kate Jackson, commercial solicitor, turned tech entrepreneur and co-founder of multiple tech start-ups, this social dining platform is the perfect place to bring together like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.

“At TableCrowd, we believe that networks are vital for success and that there is no better way to build them than over food! We organise intimate sector-specific networking dinners, tailored to relevant business themes, where individuals can connect and engage entrepreneurs in a deep and meaningful manner to create future alliances, partnerships and new business opportunities.” We’ve recently caught up with Kate to find out more about the TableCrowd story.

So where did it all start?I have always wanted to work for myself on my own projects. It was just a matter of when. It was definitely the right decision to leave law when I did, despite enjoying the work and having a great boss. I find working on TableCrowd exciting and motivating. I can’t remember the last time I was bored! I’m never clock watching, waiting for home time to come around, I’m doing the opposite – wishing I had more hours to do more.

What have been your greatest challenges and milestones so far in your business?

My co-founder is my brother. I would have liked another sibling who was technical (I asked my mum a few years ago, but she wasn’t up for it ...) Not being a technical founder has been tricky at times. We have a great in-house team now that we have worked with for a number of years, but this wasn’t the case in the early days. Where do you place the role of start-ups in nowadays’ society and how important do you think they are in driving change? They are the next round of SME’s, so they are vital for the economy. It is interesting to see larger established companies looking to startups for innovation and to relearn how to be dynamic and adaptive.

Do you think the role of female entrepreneurs in tech has increased/changed?There is starting to be an increase in the number of women working in tech. The change will be slow as the in-balance needs to be addressed at the roots – in schools and colleges, to ensure tech is considered by women in education, when they are making those choices.

Any advice for up-and-coming female entrepreneurs?

The advice is the same for both genders. Form strong networks from the start and you will get ongoing support from them. Get experience by offering your services to startups in a sector you are interested in (probably for free). This experience will help you get a deeper understanding of building a business if this is what you want to do. Or, if you do a good job you might end up with the offer of a paid role.

What does your typical working day look like?There’s not really a typically day. I have to be a master of all trades, working primarily on business development and marketing but handling whatever comes my way. There is a typical evening however, and that will be at a TableCrowd dinner.

The most recent TableCrowd dinner took place yesterday at the Clerkenwell Kitchen. In partnership with Mendeley and sponsored by Propel and TaylorWessing, the dinner provided the perfect atmosphere for more than 30 ed-tech and education entrepreneurs to discuss their challenges and milestones in this growing niche. Jan Reichelt, Co-Founder & President at Mendeley, also shared his experiences and lessons learnt in his entrepreneurial journey.

To learn more about TableCrowd and join one of the upcoming dinners, why not have a look on their website at www.tablecrowd.com

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