​It’s been 20 years since Phil Jones started the very first in the now famous (series of) Podge lunches. From the Digital to the Design Podge, these events have quickly turned into one of the key networking meetings on the radar of digital companies.

As Phil Jones said, “The Podge Lunch didn’t have a name when it was conceived 20 years ago over lunch at the Oval cricket club with six design luminaries of the day […] The idea of sharing knowledge with rivals over lunch was a complete no-no. We spent an afternoon watching cricket, eating, drinking and sharing stories and vowed to do it again the following year.”

Stodge Podge is the one event that came at the initiative of Scotland and North England design, digital and ad agencies who had been coming down to London every year for the podge meetings. So, they decided to lend a hand and help organise a Podge event closer to their home, in Manchester.

Talking at the first Stodge Podge edition in 2011, Patrick Baglee, then Director of Creative Strategy Navy Blue, pointed out “It’s actually a very big deal for the creative industry to get together, to understand what it is we are all working towards and also to understand that essentially we share the same goals”. Also, when it comes to digital folk, it’s important to know that “most of the senior people all started around at the same time so they’ve got a lot of common ground” as Emma McNamara, one of Propel’s two founders, mentioned.

For this year’s edition taking place on the 4th of April at the Harvey Nichols venue, Keltie Cochrane took over the initiative of building the website and man, did they do a brilliant job! With Creative Director Richard Jefferson and Technical genius John Shepherd as the masterminds behind the website, it’s no wonder that we’ve spent plenty of time on their captivating trip through history (otherwise known as ‘A brief history of communication’).

To follow up on the latest and check out that brilliant website just follow the link http://www.stodgepodge.com/