​The buoyant London digital market has recently experienced a sustainable sharp spike of increased activity across all sectors – marketing, advertising and creative - but particularly in the realm of technology. As a result, Propel London, with its strong brand presence and well-established digital reputation now faces the need to expand its elite team of recruiters and researchers in Executive Search.

This team is comprised of the cream of the crop; our CEO, MD, Business Director, a handful of select consultants who are at the top of their game, and erudite researchers who support and compliment the ethos of excellence that informs the ongoing motif of this business unit.

The focus is on pivotal roles within global companies, positions that are integral to a firm’s success such as Marketing Directors, Heads of Digital Strategy, Heads of Strategic Partnerships and Country Managers. Propel has been around since the birth of digital so our network is enviable. If anyone can contact the best person for these roles then it’s us.

Those in Executive Search are constantly challenged by exciting high-value remits, tricky strategic hires and tight schedules, they provide services such as competitive market mapping, salary benchmarking and organisational design consultation and have to really get under the skin of the companies they help.

We need any addition to this team to mirror the qualities of its existing members – polished, discreet, articulate and naturally adept at high-level communication and negotiation. We also require candidates to bring their own track record of excellence to the table, be able to embrace complex cross-functional search mandates and be truly gregarious enough to delight us with their networking skills.

There is an opening for a researcher in this team at present so please have a read of the job description that can be found on our website and if you think your talents and experience are what we are looking for then our Internal Hiring Consultant, Alison Clarke, would love to hear from you in the first instance alison.clarke@propellondon.com