​Virtual reality, double robots, crypto-currency, apps, real-time content, TweetBoxer, drum live selfies and about 350 assistant editors. No wonder the second edition of the Drum Live became the most talked about topic on Twitter in London.

This year’s topic focused on new ways of working, with the event itself setting the perfect example by providing the challenge of creating a whole issue of the magazine, from scratch, in a single day. The result revealed a mix of interactive generated content, from articles to stats, creative works and infographics, videos and other rich media formats, with the help of The Drum Live’s amazing partners such as Blippar, Millennial Media, Edelman and Scriberia.

The sessions, comprising of different interactive experiments, debates and panels, proved how you can deliver entirely user-generated content from brainstorming, feedback and interactions – from the Buzzfeed’s “Things All Marketers Know to Be True” to building the ideal city or changing our workplace culture.

Apart from generating great brand awareness and content for their magazine with the help of some of top digital’s influencers, The Drum Live is actually a great model of consumer engagement and interaction that each brand should aspire to. Transposed into digital, this is the new work relationship between consumers and brands, between clients and agencies – from real-time information and user-generated content to interactivity, transparency and open dialogue. Digital stands at the forefront of driving innovation into other domains such as finance, education and health as well as changing the status-quo of our working and thinking patterns to create a collaborative competitive network. The future is competitive collaboration, belonging to both “MadMen and MathMen”, as Cindy Gallop mentioned in her brilliant bizdisrupt speech where she calls for action to redesign our business model.

All in all, The Drum Live had the right balance between creative and digital channels, providing a great recipe for real-time engagement in a friendly, unconference format backed by an amazing editorial team that managed to put together the Drum’s content in one day. And if we as a digital community can achieve that in a day, imagine what we could do in a year!