​The nominations for the Marketing Academy 2014 Scholarship have just been opened, offering a unique, genuinely exciting (and free) learning opportunity to budding members of the marketing community.

The scholarship offers a part time, completely free learning mentoring programme to 30 professionals from the world of Marketing, Advertising and Communications. Scholars will receive one-to one mentoring from some of the UK’s most high profile CEO’s, CMO’s, marketing experts, agency presidents and entrepreneurs, and will also be taught by the UK’s leading brands & agencies and work with an executive coach for a year.

“The Marketing Academy provides a unique forum for CEO’s, CMO’s, entrepreneurs and leaders of world class organisations to inspire and develop the talent of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. The Scholarship facilitates the transference of leadership knowledge between the present and future leaders, ensuring the continuation of the UK’s global success within the Marketing and Advertising community.”

You can’t apply for this free scholarship unless you’ve been nominated, and if you want to nominate someone – or know someone who wants to nominate you – you should visit The Marketing Academy website, where you can also find more details on the programme. Nominations close at midnight on the 21st February and you must have no less than 4 years marketing experience and no more than 12 years work experience in total to be eligible.