​London has always been a global centre for talent and skills, but now more than ever it has become the world’s most competitive hub for talent.

London attracts the highest number of people working in high-skilled, knowledge based industries in Europe (see pie below) and it also ranks 1st across a wide range of sectors in terms of the number of people employed (see table below). It has Europe’s best and most diverse workforce, nurturing competitive talent that combines digital, creative and tech skills.

With three times more corporate headquarters than any other city in Europe and leading tech brands such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Bloomberg based here, it’s no wonder that this city is a melting pot of skills and talent. And research shows London as the most attractive city to work in, beating New York, Paris or Silicon Valley.

So what does this mean for you as a job-seeker? The competition has never been fiercer, but the opportunities have never been greater. Companies are always on the lookout to engage with the very best people, so those who stand out from the crowd have an open door to considerable job opportunities. It means working alongside leaders in your industry, constantly perfecting your skill-set and pushing boundaries, as well as working for and with the world’s top companies and talent in a thriving centre of economy and culture.

And London is a vital place in global business. It not only finished top for the 1st time in PwC’s Cities of Opportunity in terms of “technology readiness, economic clout and city gateway”, but has been named the world leader in fintech and the world’s most influential city. London truly shines as a global powerhouse and there’s no doubt that its talent drives this pace of change.

And it’s this talent engine that keeps London on top of its game.