​At Propel we value people and invest in their talent. So every year we do internships to help young people learn about the digital world and find a place for their passion. Today is Ellina’s first day and we asked her to share her thoughts on what she is hoping to gain from her experience at Propel as well as giving a few tips for other interns.

Experience is more vital than money.

I am hoping to get the most out of my internship at Propel. In order to understand what you want to gain you need to learn about the company first: what they do, the market their in and their clients. Five things I believe are the most important to keep in mind are:

  1. Switch on. To receive knowledge you need a positive attitude so be open and active. Say ‘yes’ to everything. Of course you need to remember that you are an intern who cannot be exploited. Keep your brain working and come up with ideas. Doesn’t matter that you are an intern or that it might be your first day. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and speak your ideas. You never know where they might take you.
  2. Observe. You can learn a lot from watching other people working as much as doing it yourself.
  3. Absorb. Be a sponge absorbing every observation, knowledge and skill.
  4. Apply. Everything you learn during your placement could be used to your benefit despite the choice of your career. I have never considered myself working for a recruitment agency but here I am a marketing intern. I want to work in advertising but ideally I would like to be my own boss and open a business. So gaining some marketing experience is a big plus.
  5. Network. Today’s world is all about knowing people. Building your connections in the industry of your interest is as important as work experience. I plan to get to know everyone in the company to let them know me well. I am also hoping to network with some of Propel’s clients since they are my potential employers.