Update LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a treasure trove of job opportunities - if you use it the right way. Kevin Board, our Head of Technology, urges jobseekers to update their profiles regularly with any courses, qualifications and additional achievements - in addition to relevant information about their current role and employment history. Many people make the mistake of merely copying their CV into their LinkedIn profile, but recruiters are looking for some new information; something that will encourage them to push your application through.

It’s worth building appropriate, searchable terms into your profile, too. This could increase the likelihood that it is returned on a recruiter’s search and could lead to you effectively being head-hunted. Think about the terms included in your Boolean string and incorporate them, where possible, into your profile summary.


Some job seeking techniques never grow old and networking is definitely one that remains hugely useful. Call ex-colleagues, friends and family to find out about jobs. Use your contacts via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - you never know what opportunities might be available. Networking is also a great way to obtain a realistic opinion of an employer, the result of which might make you want to work there even more, or have you running for the hills. Word of mouth is the best and most trusted form of reference.

Register with a specialist agency

One of the single greatest ways to increase your job prospects is to register with a specialist recruitment agency that caters to your industry. Unlike a general agency, a specialist recruiter has comprehensive knowledge of the sector - including the very latest salary benchmarking information to ensure you are offered an appropriate package.

Kim Knapman, our Sales Manager, adds: “They know their market, they are connected and can help suggest some positions that may be suitable for your skillset that you may not have originally considered.”

Not only will your recruitment consultant be able to advise you, but the agency may have an exclusive preferred supplier agreement in place with some of the area’s biggest employers. As such, it will receive a vacancy ahead of other agencies and job sites, thus your application could be submitted well ahead of the competition.

It’s well worth building and maintaining a good relationship with your consultant; answer the phone when they ring and keep them updated as to the progress of your search if doing anything independently, as they will do all in their power to find your dream job.

Job-hunting can be an arduous process - but by using our qualified recruitment consultants’ tips, your search should be not only more effective, but also lead you to that dream job. Good luck!