Be realistic with your application

Yes, we’re all looking for that next step up the career ladder and while ambition is an admirable characteristic, you need to be realistic with your application. As Andy Cook, team leader of our Client-side Marketing Team, says: “Taking the next step up is one thing, but intern to MD in one jump is a little ambitious!”

To avoid disappointment, determine where your skills lie, what you can actually do and where you can add value. Apply for roles that are realistically within your grasp; you’ll stand a far better chance of being invited to interview. Also, make sure the role that you apply for is one that you are genuinely passionate and excited about - recruiters can pick up on pure enthusiasm and it’s far easier to talk on a subject you really love.

When you do apply, take time and care over your application. Talk about your interest in the company overall, not simply the role on offer and tailor your application and cover letter with relevant information. Never take a ‘blanket approach’ and mail the same documents to several recruiters; they’ll be able to tell.

Be a subject matter expertKim Knapman, our Sales Manager, goes on to say that her attention is caught by those that position themselves as a subject matter expert, a status that can be attained through keeping up to date with industry events and trends. This shows a prospective employer that you are well read, proactive and prepared - not least to say interested in the market and or company. This diligence enables candidates to speak comfortably about a subject at interview, form an argument and demonstrate they have an opinion. Carrying out research into the company itself is a pre-requisite, of course. But in-depth research of the company’s campaigns, branding and positioning in the market, as well as a clear identification of the knowledge and skills needed in the role, will set you ahead of the pack and pretty much prove that you’ve already started to apply yourself.

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