​Are you a team player, a great communicator and motivated by results? Well, unfortunately, so is everyone else. These are not just overused cliché skills, (along with others such as enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate and ‘work independently’ to name just a few), but they only throw you in the same crowd with your competitor candidates.

One of the biggest milestones when applying for jobs is actually making your CV memorable. So how can you highlight those skills that set you apart from the other job hunters?

Here are the next 2 tips from our team.

Demonstrate your skills

Firstly, provide skills which are relevant to the position you are applying to. Be as specific as you can and keep it to the point.

Next, find a way to demonstrate your skills, perhaps providing an online portfolio, blog URL or links to your work with your application. By doing so, you are issuing the recruiter with irrefutable evidence of your talent.

Our Marketing Manager, Stuart McClure, says: “If you are a UX expert, have a personal website and make sure the UX on that site is incredible.” If you are a designer, then create an amazing piece to showcase your design skills. Content writers should maintain a flawless blog, etc. There’s no need to go over the top, just make sure your skills are highlighted. Don’t simply say you can do something; prove it.

Refine your portfolio If you are applying for a role that necessitates the inclusion of a portfolio, it’s crucial that the work contained therein is clearly presented and easy to navigate. Recruiters have very little time to spend going through applications and, as Kevin Board, our Head of Creative, goes on to say, “most Creative Directors will head straight for a portfolio without looking at a CV”. Your portfolio should be a taster of your best work, keep it short and sweet but give them the opportunity to contact you for more. Don’t forget to check that links work and pages load correctly. For more tips on how to find a job, check out How to find a job - top tips from the experts .