​With International Workers Day celebrated today, the European Commission released its report on the state and trends of European working conditions. The Eurobarometer reveals that more than 75% of Europeans are satisfied with their current working conditions, with almost nine in ten respondents (87%) satisfied of how interesting their tasks are and around three quarters (74%) satisfied with their workload or the pace of their work.Comparing the Eurobarometer data with the insights from our latest digital salary survey, due to be released shortly, we can highlight the state of the job satisfaction within the digital UK market.

Overall the survey shows that 64% of professionals are satisfied in their roles, with C-level respondents showing a higher level of job satisfaction - 38.9% of C-level are very satisfied compared to 23.3% of juniors and 17.4% of mid-level. When it comes to gender split, there is no striking difference between the level of satisfaction that men and women have in their roles, 64.8% of men and 62.6% of women mentioning that they are very satisfied and fairly satisfied in their jobs.

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