​Research by Nimbus Hosting has revealed how much a web designer can expect to earn across the UK with the average salary £31,000.

The figures, supplemented with our own from our soon to be released Digital Salary & Industry Insight report, show real contrast between London salaries and the rest of the UK and that 62% of designers believe they are underpaid.

Among other valuable insight, the research does show that with hard work you can climb the salary ladder, being increasingly rewarded for your experience.

This seems to bear out the top advice given to designers by Lyndsey-Jayne Mercer, Design Consultant at Propel, who says: ‘Everyone wants that top agency or client on their CV, the ‘on trend’ project in their portfolio. However, many designers forget the importance of a CV and Portfolio. Your portfolio is your image. This is what you will be judged on most of all.

Find out more from their research below: