​Are you being paid enough? How do your company’s benefits compare to others? Are company sizes in your sector increasing or decreasing? What are the most important factors in job satisfaction?

We want to answer these questions in a meaningful way, for your benefit, and to do this properly we need your help.

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Using a combination of your responses and Propel’s extensive dataset from the last year, we plan to produce the most comprehensive account of salaries and conditions available in the digital market today. The more responses we receive, the more complete our data will be, and the deeper the insight we will be able to provide to you and the rest of the digital community. Everyone who participates will receive an early copy of our 2014 Salary & Market Conditions document (before anyone else) and will also have the chance to win one of 5 £100 Ticketmaster vouchers, redeemable on thousands of events and shows across the UK and beyond.