​​Building your professional network is essential to many people’s careers, and your little black book of contacts is often a prized asset for many organisations who are looking bringing you on board, so why has this notion of building a professional network become so impersonal?

It is all too easy to hit a button and “connect” with people on LinkedIn, but it holds very little value. Sending InMails doesn’t hold the same value as face to face interaction no matter how tailored the content. Body language, tone of voice and facial expressions play a huge part in how we communicate with one another.

How many times have you read an email and misconstrued it? How many times have you said something in jest on the phone, only to have the person on the other end take it the wrong way? Without all of the key elements of communication we can’t interact to our full potential.

We hide behind a veil of security, often fearing rejection or objection, when really you can handle these so much better face to face. We need to start the revolution, we need to leave our desks, hang up our phones and congregate and truly communicate with one another once again.

A wise man (or woman) once said “people don’t buy into a product, they buy into a person”. This may have been paraphrased slightly over the years, but the sentiment still rings true. There are multiple platforms nowadays to help us facilitate this, the major player is of course Meetup.com where the variety of events on offer is second to none. Heck, there are even dog lovers Meet Ups!

This is our time to shine, our time to show the world our smiles and meet those connections that could hold true value to your career face to face.