​There are a multitude of factors which influence the decision to move on from your job, and our research highlights those most important for professionals within the global digital economy.

Consistent with last year’s findings, the most commonly provided reasons across seniority levels was a lack of career development opportunities (21%), the need for a new challenge (17%) and an uncompetitive salary (14%).

Salary decreases in importance as seniority rises and at C-Level an uncompetitive salary accounted for only 5% of leaving decisions. At the other end of the scale, low salaries accounted for 17% of all junior decisions to change jobs.

There is also stark contrast between the influence of a new challenge on the decision to move when looking at junior and C-Level professionals. 25% of C-Level decisions to change jobs were influenced by the prospect of a new challenge compared to only 13% at junior level.

Recommendations for retaining staff:

Financial remuneration remains critical to retaining and engaging employees, especially those just starting out and making their way through their careers.

Career progression and development opportunities within your company should be carefully considered if you want to retain the best talent. This should be the case for professionals across all levels of seniority.

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