Job satisfaction is one of the most important driving factors both for employers and employees in the digital industry. But how many of us are really satisfied in our roles and what aspects trigger a higher level of workplace happiness? Is company success really important to job satisfaction or maybe it all boils down to career progression opportunities?

These are just a couple of elements that we analysed in our latest digital salary survey, our most comprehensive yet. It combines our internal data with that of over 2,000 respondents questioned for our research at the beginning of this year, thus providing granular industry insight into opportunities available to employers and employees.

Our 5th annual ‘Digital Salary Survey’ launches at the beginning of next week, bringing insight into both core salary benchmarking information and employment conditions in the digital industry straight from the people working within it. In the meantime, here’s a preview of our job satisfaction infographic that applies to the overall digital industry. Where do you stand?