​Here at Propel we are a diverse bunch. Of course we are all professional, friendly, on the ball, and collectively share a love of placing people in their dream jobs, but the range of services we provide within our digital specialism dictates that our consultants sometimes boast very different attributes needed to excel in their particular roles.

For example, we have the superfast, sharp and hardy contracts consultant, the wise and erudite executive search team and the acronym-laden tech geeks who place the candidates that make the world of digital actually work.

At the moment, we are in the process of expanding our client side team and for this remit we are looking for chameleons. Such is the diversity of Propel’s client base of behemoth brands, quirky start-ups, cutting-edge technology product providers and traditional well-known companies that are household names spanning every imaginable sector, that to work on this team requires the ability to blend into the formality of the corporate world one minute and adopt the cool yet finger-on-the-pulse demeanour of young, embryonic outfits the next.

Do you have the ability to be all things to all people? To change colour and morph into different cultures, professions and settings when required in order to put our clients at ease with the knowledge they are in the hands of a recruiter who ‘gets them’?

This skill, twinned with some solid recruitment experience may bag you a desk on our client side team, so if you think you have the intellect and personality to provide our clients with the professional and responsive service they expect from Propel then get in touch with our Internal Hiring Consultant, Alison Clarke alison.clarke@propellondon.com