​Choosing the right blog title isn’t always that straightforward. Sure, some people will call it a science, but it’s really an art – or at least a mix of both. A sciencert, if you like. (But probably not.)

I’ve been playing around with blog titles for a while now – testing out different words and ideas just to see if they work - and what I’ve found is that is something doesn’t work first time around I can quite happily send it out rebranded and attract a hell of a lot more people.

For example, check out the following two titles:

3 ingenious campaigns from 2013 you won’t want to have missed3 incredible marketing campaigns from 2013 you probably missed

To a casual observer there might not seem to be much difference between the two, but let me tell you that the first was put out over LinkedIn and got 5 clicks, and a 0.08% engagement rate while the second was put out over LinkedIn ON THE SAME DAY and got 46 clicks and a 0.75% engagement rate.

That’s NINE times more effective than it was previously!

Now look at these two:

3 creative, tech and marketing innovation sites GUARANTEED to inspire3 incredible websites for creative, tech and marketing innovation

Again, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two. They both explain what you’re getting in pretty simple terms, even if the ALL CAPS in the first title is a bit off putting.

In this instance, there first title got 11 clicks and a mediocre 0.33% engagement rate, but the second got 54 clicks and a 1.09% engagement rate. That’s an extra 40 visits to our website right there.

More than that, however, I reposted again with the better title the day after and got 70 clicks and a 1.18% engagement rate. That’s 60 more visits to the site than the first title received!

Here, I posted the same article 3 times under 2 different titles and got 135 clicks. If I had stuck with the original title I would have had to post it TWELVE times to get the same level of engagement.

The moral of the story here is: don’t be afraid to change a title if it isn’t working. I can generally tell within four or five minutes if a title is successful or not, but even if it isn’t I don’t worry too much because I know there are still opportunities to attract people to that content in a different way.

Don’t let your great content, and hard work, go to waste!