​I recently attended the latest Digital Advertising Women’s Network (DAWN*) evening at Havas Media’s office, and I thought it was about time I wrote about what I took from this excellent evening and shared it with you all.

May’s event featured Jess Butcher, Bronwyn White, Rachael Clark, Anna Rasmussen and Amy Kean as speakers on the topic of career mapping and whether it’s the done thing. The panel provided insight into their approach, attitude and outlook towards work and how to get that work – life ‘blend’ that is so important to the modern day career woman / man.

I found it particularly interesting that these high-achieving women didn’t appear to have any great strategic career plans, but what they did have was the motivation and passion to be a success both personally and professionally. What did these women have in common? They were not afraid to ‘be all in’.

We hear a lot about ‘mindfulness’, the concept of being in the now – being centred so that you can give something your all with emotional stability and focus (so much easier said than done!). We all too readily get caught up in past and future thoughts but what about the present?! The panel were proof that it is possible do it all, but be mindful and in the moment. Be ambitious, be the best, make mistakes and absolutely come back fighting – “be all in” guys and girls!

Whether you’re the employer searching for that exceptional next addition; or the employee searching for that next step, ‘be all in’. As a business, your staff are your most valuable and important assets, and so the search should be treated with the commitment it deserves. As an employee you want to get out of the new role what you put in. You must be selective and considered, then take that leap of faith and make it count.

*DAWN’s mission is to create a respected and viable business network for women in the digital media indsutry to meet like minded people. Founded in 2009, DAWN run four events across the year each focussed on a given topic which engage, empower and encourage the attendees. More information on upcoming DAWN events can be found on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

If you’d like to chat about going all in with your job search or next hire then you can get in touch on 0207 432 6340 or hello@propellondon.com