​If we’re being honest, there are an infinite number of questions you shouldn’t ask in an interview. “How many of the guys here are single?”, “Do you allow time off for community service?” or “Where do I leave my gun?” are just some examples that probably won’t go down particularly well.

But before you reach that level of ridiculousness, there are many more plausible questions that you should certainly avoid. Here are 10 that fall firmly into that category:

1. What does your company do?

If you don’t know this by the time of the interview it’s unlikely you’ll get the job anyway, but if you were thinking of asking it, don’t.

2. Do you do background checks?

Why would that matter unless you had something to hide? Immediately dodgy. Avoid.

3. Do you monitor email/internet usage?

See above.

4. How many times can you be late/off sick before you get fired?

Similar to above, and above above. Why would you ask unless it was likely you would be late/off sick? No, nope and non.

5. How quickly can I get promoted?

Ambition is fine, but you’re being hired for a specific role and the employer will want that to be your focus. Hoping for a quick promotion implies that this role is a stepping stone and that’s not what they want to hear, even if they may think it a likely possibility.

6. Can I work from home?

Not a ridiculous concept, but not something you will want to discuss in a first interview, especially if the role gave no indication that it was possible. And if you do bring it up make sure there is a sound rationale behind it, otherwise it may seem as though you’d rather spend your time away from the office.

7. How soon can I book a holiday?

You haven’t even started yet and you already want to take time off? Employers will want you to hit the ground running, not hit the beach and go swimming.

8. Will I have to work overtime/weekends?

When interviewing for a role you need to show 100% commitment and this is fairly close to the opposite of that.