Our Values

Propel London has a responsibility to our candidates, our clients, and ourselves to maintain our status as a standard-setter in the market. In an industry that is ever changing, we have a duty to keep up to speed on the changes and developments within it and how they is likely to affect the work that we do.

These 5 core values encompass everything we believe in and stand for - they inform every aspect of our business.


Propels role is to shape and mould the digital industry through our place in the digital talent cycle. Accurate and current industry knowledge is of paramount importance. We’re committed to maintaining superior insight into digital industry news and current affairs, and take responsibility for communicating this internally and externally. We live and breathe the digital market.


The digital market is ever-changing. It’s Propels job to understand this, and to mirror the market as it shifts and changes. We encourage innovation, progression, and the constant desire to evolve for the better.


Propel prides itself on it’s commercial partnerships and it’s relationships with candidates, clients and each other. We are a fun, social company whose people skills are second to none.

Clients – we take care of their needs from start to finish - in the way we deliver our recruitment services, represent them in the market, treat them in our daily interactions, and the way that we help them to meet their challenges.

Candidates – their needs are paramount and we remember this through the way that we help them to meet and exceed their career goals and challenges, treat them in our daily interactions, represent them to our clients, treat their confidential information, spend time getting to know them and their needs, and work to deliver the very best recruitment experience possible.

Each other – we are considerate and attentive in the way that we treat each other, offer support, solve problems together, get to know each other and act in our positions of trust and cooperation.


Propel goes beyond expectations in every aspect of its business. Propel’s staff is the most important asset it possesses. Propel is committed to facilitating their ambitions and creating an environment that supports its staff’s career aspirations. Propel will support each and every member of the team and encourage them to be the best that they can be. Each employee will be given a personal development plan which includes external and internal investment.


Enthusiasm and passion is part of everything that we do. Propel has a pulse. Our ability to be energised and excited by our work sets us apart from the competition. Propel is committed to maintaining an environment where its team can express passion and enthusiasm for their work, for the industry that they’re part of, and for their place in the company.​